People always ask me where did you learn to make such a great Wonmi! Guess what my late grandma used  to sell Wonmi. Every Saturday and Sunday I used to help her sell Wonmi. Like other pancakes 🥞 Wonmi is mostly use as Breakfast. I have such greats souvenirs behind this recipe.

Here is her recipe with slight modification:

Traditionally Wonmi is made with Millet or Rice flour but we are going to add some wheat flour to make it softer.


1/2kg Millet Flour  (Farine de mil)

1/4 kg Wheat Flour (Farine de blé)

1 cup of white rice (riz blanc)

Process - Préparation

Boil 2 cups of white rice for at least 2 hours to obtain Rice porridge.

Let the porridge cold off. Mix the millet and wheat flour into the porridge to obtain a homogeneous Dough, let it sit overnight. If you are doing this during the day time, let it rest for at least 4 to 6 hours so the Dough can be fermented. After fermentation sweeten the Dough to your taste.


Traditionally we use a frying pan 🍳 with multiples holes.

Since we don’t have that we will be using non-stick frying pan.

Pour 2 spoons of oil into the pan and wait until it is well heat, add the Dough wait until it is bubbling on top and golden brown underneath to flip it. Cook the other face for 1 minutes and remove it. You can use spoon to do this process. Repeat with the remaining dough.


Wonmi can be serve straight from the pan or keep warm or cold. It is usually eaten with porridge. Soupe or yogurt.

Wonmi with Porridge

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